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Rehabilitation Services: Parkinson's Disease

At UCI Health, we offer a coordinated approach to treating patients with Parkinson's disease.

Our team of certified of speech, occupational and physical therapists work to meet your individual needs and increase your participation in daily activities by helping you maintain and improve your balance, movement, safety, voice quality and swallowing function.

Treating the individual

Our therapy teams work with you be selecting therapies that best meet your individual needs. We have both LSVT-LOUD® and LSVT-BIG® certified therapists.

LSVT-LOUD is a speech treatment for patients with Parkinson's disease. By stimulating the muscles of the voice box and doing a series of exercises, voice strength and loudness can be improved. The ultimate goal is to produce a loud, clear voice with no strain.

LSVT-BIG, which is  based on the principles of LSVT-LOUD, is a therapy used to increase limb and body movement in those with Parkinson's disease. This therapy can improve movement, gait, balance, speed and, ultimately, quality of life. LSVT-BIG treatment is usually given by an occupational or physical therapist.

Our team of specialists include:

  • Speech language pathologists. LSVT-LOUD®-certified therapists work to increase and improve the volume and quality of your voice and strengthen your swallowing function.
  • Occupational therapy. LSVT-BIG®-certified therapists help increase the range and fullness of your movements that will assist with everyday activities, including self-care, home management and leisure participation. 
  • Physical therapy. LSBT-BIG®-certified therapists help increase the range and fullness of your movements to improve safety while sitting, standing, walking and other balance activities.

A referral is required for Parkinson's therapy services. To learn more, call 714-456-5571.

Parkinson's Wellness Program (PWP)

The UCI Health Parkinson's Wellness Program offers weekly classes for people who experience difficulty moving and thinking due to Parkinson's disease or Parkinson's-like symptoms. These group-guided exercises are designed to teach participants how to use high-effort movements and to provide strategies to improve posture, balance and everyday function. Learn more ›
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