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Wound Services

Wounds can be painful and uncomfortable. With proper care, the majority of wounds heal on their own without complications. Sometimes wounds may require extra care and medical attention.

Chronic, non-healing wounds are those that do not heal within six to eight weeks. Such wounds are not only painful; they can lead to serious complications, including infection, illness and even amputation.

Our team of specialists at UCI Health Wound Services can help treat all types of wounds, including wounds as the result of a burn or surgery.

We work with you to develop a treatment plan that restores your comfort, function and quality of life.

Our services

Our collaborative team of physicians, wound specialists, nurses and physical therapists work together to give you a comprehensive evaluation of your condition. After you are fully assessed, we develop a treatment plan that addresses your unique condition, needs and personal goals.

We are dedicated to wound care management, including the following:
  • Burns
  • Chronic wounds
  • Diabetic wounds
  • Pressure ulcers and bed sores
  • Plastic/reconstructive surgery
  • Postsurgical wounds
  • Radiation wounds
  • Venous ulcers

Diagnosis and treatment

To diagnose the extent of your wound and any related problems, our specialists will perform a thorough examination. Tests to further identify issues may include:

  • Vascular evaluations, which produce images of blood flow to identify blockages and other issues
  • Laboratory tests
Once the extent of your wound has been assessed, your treatment may include a combination of the following:
  • Casting/splint application
  • Case management support
  • Child life specialty support
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Multispecialty referrals, as needed
  • Nutritional support
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