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Weight Management Program

Successfully losing and keeping weight off isn’t a simple matter of willpower. It requires skill-power.

Our UCI Health Weight Management Program has helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off by helping them practice the skills they need to succeed for life.

We have a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians and behavioral health educators ready to help you achieve your goals.

UCI Health Weight Management & Nutrition Program Options
  • Medically Monitored Weight Loss Program utilizing nutritionally complete meal replacements for fast & safe weight loss. 
  • Lifestyle Weight Loss & Maintenance Program to lose and maintain a healthy weight with the option of meal replacements and grocery store foods. 
  • Meet one-on-one with a registered dietitian for a personalized meal plan to meet your specific health and wellness needs. 

Consistent accountability is the most important factor in success. We are licensed medical professionals ready to help you get started.

Call 949-824-8770 now to reach your health potential.

We also will be offering a virtual at-home platform.

The UCI Health Weight Management Program is located at 19722 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, CA 92612. View directions ›

Our multidisciplinary team has one goal: to help you lose weight and be a healthier you.
  • We specialize in working with patients experiencing medical complications of obesity, such as diabetes and hypertension.
  • We can help you develop a personalized plan focused on disease prevention or weight management through exercise, nutrition and positive lifestyle changes.
  • We can schedule an analysis to look beyond weight to assess your body's muscle, bone, water and fat composition.

Please email us at or call 949-824-8770 to contact a team member.

With our Weight Management Program, you can work individually with a registered dietitian to become the healthiest version of yourself and live life to the fullest.

Our dietitians work with people of all ages and diagnoses. They are licensed professionals who are credentialed with UCI Health. The benefits of consulting with a registered dietitian include:

  • Disease management and prevention
  • Improved mood and sleep
  • Increased energy, reduced fatigue
  • Guidance to reaching peak performance for athletic training
  • Virtual and in-person consultation

Discover a personal long-term healthy eating plan for you and your family. Ensure that you are fueling your body with the macro and micro nutrients your body needs. Your health is the best gift you can give yourself and those you love!

Call today and speak directly to a team member: 949-824-8770

We will look into your insurance coverage and let you know if you need an authorization or referral. We also offer a discounted self-pay rate.

Our Health Weight Management team includes physicians, nurse practitioners and registered dietitians who are here to help you achieve your goals.

Our core team, led by Medical Director Chau Ngo, MD, and Program Director Katie Rankell, RD, includes:

Please email us at or call 949-824-8770 to contact a team member.

We are located at 19722 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, CA 92612 ›

A healthy body mass index (BMI) is between 18.5 and 24.9. If you're unsure of your BMI, use the calculator below.

If your BMI is above the healthy range and you'd like to lose weight, call 949-824-8770 to sign up for a free information session to learn more about the Weight Management Program.

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