'Mini' strokes can lead to major disability, study finds

September 14, 2012

IN THE NEWS: UC Irvine stroke neurologist Dr. Steven Cramer commented for an ABC News article about new research that shows more people than previously believed suffered major disability from transient ischemic attack and minor stroke, the first occurrence of symptoms was their only warning sign that something was wrong.

The research published in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke monitored 510 people who experienced “mini strokes” — a label doctors use to describe TIAs and minor strokes that involve mild and/or transient symptoms. The researchers found that 12 percent of patients who had the initial “mini stroke” had worsened disability in the next 90 days — even if they had experienced no repeat events after their initial one.

Stroke experts not involved with the study said the findings are an important reminder that stroke symptoms, even if they don’t linger, must be taken seriously.

“[People who have a TIA] have won the stroke lottery,” said Cramer. “They found out there is something wrong without having to pay the big stroke price.”

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