UCI Health expert to discuss unique treatment for breathing disorder on The Doctors

January 09, 2015

IN THE NEWS: UCI Health voice, swallowing and breathing expert Dr. Sunil Verma will appear on the nationally syndicated The Doctors TV show to discuss tracheal stenosis, a potentially life-threatening condition. The episode chronicles Donna, a patient who was suffering from progressive shortness of breath for years. After two years of being misdiagnosed with asthma, she was referred to Dr. Verma, the director of the University Voice and Swallowing Center.

When Donna arrived, her airway was only 3 millimeters wide due to a scar that had formed in her trachea. The show follows her inside the operating room for her life-changing surgery where, through the mouth, the scar was cut with a laser and then dilated with balloon. Just minutes after surgery Donna was able to breathe normally.

The episode airs at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 13 on KCAL9 in the Los Angeles area and on other stations nationwide.

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