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UCI Health uses Rosa robot for complex neurosurgery

February 09, 2015

IN THE NEWS: The Orange County Register spoke to UCI Health neurosurgeon Dr. Sumeet Vadera about the latest advances in brain surgery:

UC Irvine Medical Center is the first hospital on the West Coast, and one of only a dozen nationwide, to use ROSA — a robotic device employed to perform neurological procedures including finding exactly where in the brain seizures originate and burning off deep brain tumors in a minimally invasive manner.

Dr. Sumeet Vadera, a neurosurgeon at UC Irvine, says this $650,000 device approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has revolutionized certain types of brain surgery. Vadera says he underwent training to perform surgery using the robotic device at the Cleveland Clinic. He talked to the Register about how the device works, what it is used for and the risks associated with it.

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