Stepping up the fight against cancer

March 04, 2015
Dr. Richard Van Etten, director, UCI Health Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

IN THE NEWS:  Cancer research at UCI Health is focused on targeted therapies and immunotherapies that are “showing a lot of promise and are likely the future of cancer treatment,” said Dr. Richard Van Etten, director of UCI Health Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The Orange County Register spoke with Van Etten about his recent lecture at the Newport Beach Central Library, where he discussed the latest cancer research findings and the future of cancer treatment.

Targeted therapies directly attack tumor cells while sparing healthy ones and immunotherapies help the patient’s own immune system fight off cancer cells. These therapies are leading the way in cancer treatment by curing cancers that were previously incurable and turning other cancers into chronic conditions that patients can live with, Van Etten said.

“The future is already here," he added. "It’s coming very, very fast.”

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