Brain tumor expert Dr. Daniela Bota battles the recurrence of glioblastomas

July 20, 2017
UCI Health brain tumor expert Daniela Bota, picutred in her lab, has extensive research underway to develop better treatments for brain cancer.

In the News: UCI Health brain tumor expert Dr. Daniela Bota tells CBS Los Angeles about research underway that raise hope for treatments to combat glioblastomas, the aggressive type of brain tumor that has been diagnosed in Arizona's Sen. John McCain. 

In most cases, glioblastoma patients see a recurrence of the tumor within six to seven months after surgery.

"There is not any surgical procedure to remove the whole tumor out of the patient’s brain,” Bota, a neuro-oncologist and co-director of the UCI Health Comprehensive Brain Tumor Program, tells CBS Los Angeles. "This tumor is very infiltrative, this tumor tries to regrow and reform in the brain."  

That is why Bota has clinical trials underway that seek to use patients' immune systems and other drug regimens to stop those tumor cells from reforming.

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