COVID-19 vs. allergies: how to spot the difference

April 11, 2023

IN THE NEWS: Springtime offers a welcome respite from the cold and extreme weather, but it also brings with it the classic ailments that signal the start of allergy season. Or is it COVID-19? The symptoms can be remarkably similar.

Yahoo life logoUCI Health infection prevention expert Dr. Shruti Gohil spoke to Yahoo Life about how to differentiate between the two.

“Symptoms that are more likely to indicate that someone is suffering from allergies rather than COVID-19 include itchy, watery eyes, a runny nose and sneezing.”

Gohil is the associate medical director of epidemiology and infection prevention at UCI Health and an assistant professor of infectious diseases at the UCI School of Medicine. Her research interests include hospital epidemiology and infection prevention, sociodemographic and clinical contributors to hospital readmissions, and the epidemiology of sepsis.

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