Long-term beta-blocker use not always beneficial

July 12, 2023

IN THE NEWS: While beta-blockers have long been prescribed for patients who have suffered a heart attack or heart failure to protect the heart from further damage and promote heart function, new research indicates that long-term use may not improve outcomes in certain patients, particularly those whose heart function is only mildly reduced.

verywell health logo white verywell and turquoise health letters on dark backgroundUCI Health cardiologist Dr. Andy Y. Lee spoke with Verywell Health about the popular medication.

“We have such good strategies for quickly restoring blood flow to the heart that many of the historical benefits of beta-blockers are negated. Beta-blockers are great drugs for patients that have already had a heart attack, but long-standing beta blocker therapy is not always indicated.”

Treatments such as cholesterol-lowering medications, stents and cardiac rehabilitation can also reduce recurrent heart disease risk after a heart attack. Beta-blockers remain important medications for patients whose hearts do not function optimally. If you have had a heart attack or you have heart failure, see your cardiologist regularly to discuss your medications and treatment plan.

Lee is a board-certified cardiologist with clinical interests in advanced heart failure, metabolic heart health, cardio-oncology and cardiac imaging. He is a speaker at national cardiology conferences and has published cardiology research.

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