UCI Health ER expert sheds light on nonfatal mass shooting injuries

July 13, 2023

IN THE NEWS: While much attention is given to the fatalities of mass shootings, much less is afforded those who are injured and survive such tragedies.

the good men project logo with teal lettering on white backgroundIn most cases, nonfatal mass shooting injuries outnumber deaths. A portion of survivors go on to face long-term physical and mental health consequences, says a study co-authored by UCI Health emergency medicine physician Dr. Mark Langdorf, published in the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine.

“I had the idea to bring another level of understanding about mass shootings and how horrible they are. The point we make is that [mass shootings have] a huge impact on the patient, on healthcare resources, on public health … the families of the survivors have their whole lives changed.”

The study, Nonfatal Injuries Sustained in Mass Shootings in the US, 2012-2019: Injury Diagnosis Matrix, Incident Context, and Public Health Considerations,” includes data from 13 mass shootings between 2012 and 2019 and offers a more in-depth analysis than first reported by the authors last year in JAMA Network Open.

Langdorf is a professor of emergency medicine at UCI School of Medicine. He is a national and international speaker to promote optimum trauma, stroke and emergency care. His clinical interests include emergency airway management, emergency cardiology, emergency ultrasound, medical education and trauma.

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