Low muscle mass diminishes quality of life, says UCI Health expert

October 27, 2023

IN THE NEWS: New research suggests a link between low muscle mass and the risk of death among people who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

medical news today logo with MNT white letters on blue and black backgroundsEfrain Cerrato, lead exercise physiologist with the Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute, part of UCI Health, spoke to Medical News Today about the consequences of low muscle mass. He was not involved in the study.

“Low muscle mass has consequence beyond strength, especially for individuals living with diabetes. It affects the body’s ability to regulate insulin sensitivity which can contribute to obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Beyond physical health, low muscle mass diminishes overall quality of life, limiting mobility and independence, potentially leading to mental health challenges like depression and social isolation.”

Cerrato is an American College of Sports Medicine-certified exercise physiologist. He specializes in cardiac rehabilitation, preventive cardiology, exercise prescription and implementation, exercise counseling and behavior modification and program development.

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