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If you receive a parking citation, please call or visit the Parking and Transportation Services Office. Citations must be appealed within 21 days of issuance. To appeal a citation, call the Parking and Transportation Services Office at 800-553-4412 or by completing an appeal form ›

Vehicles cited on UCI Medical Center property are in violation of UCI Health parking regulations or other sections of the California Vehicle Code as described.

Failure to pay or contest a parking violation within 21 days of issuance will cause notification to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The DMV will block future registration until the citation has been cleared. Any vehicle with five or more outstanding violation notices may be impounded by immobilization devices and/or towed (CVC 21113a and CVC 22651). Any vehicle impounded will be held until all fines, registration and/or impoundment fees are paid.

Citations will be processed immediately and the indicated bail is required, except when issued as a courtesy notice.

If your citation is your first offense, or if you believe it was issued in error, you may request an administrative review by submitting a written citation appeal form to UCI Health Parking Services or by completing the citation appeal form ›

Citation dismissal policy

The citation dismissal policy is as follows:




No valid permit

Current permit 1st offense



Current permit 2nd offense


Disabled person’s space

No visible placard 1st offense



No visible placard 2nd offense


No other type of violation will be dismissed outright. Permit holders will always be given their right to appeal a citation issued by UCI Health Parking Services. Extenuating circumstances will always be considered during the appeals process.

Non-permit holders

For patients and visitors, “no permit” violations will be dismissed after verification of your medical visit or appointment. All other types of citations and extenuating circumstances will be considered during the appeals process.


After the first “no permit” violation in a 12-month period, the customer will be given the option of purchasing a daily permit in lieu of a citation. All other citations will be considered during the appeals process. Extenuating circumstances will always be considered during the appeals process.

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