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Patient Satisfaction Survey

We value the opinion of our patients. Please take a moment to fill out the survey below. Your response to this survey will help us improve the quality of services you receive here at UCI Health Outpatient Specialty Pharmacy. We thank you in advance for your participation and support.

Please check the number that closely represents the level of service you received with 1=Poor and 5=Excellent.

You may also fill out this survey by downloading our PDF ›

1. My phone call with the pharmacy was handled quickly and professionally.

2. My individual needs were met with care and concern.

3. I received a full explanation of all billing- and insurance-related issues.

4. My prescription was obtained in a timely manner.

5. Rate your overall experience with the Patient Management Program.

6. My pharmacist provided me with beneficial information about my prescription.

7. The quality of my life, as it relates to my health, has improved with the help I received from the pharmacy.

8. It is easier to manage my medical condition because of the help I received from the pharmacy.

9. Rate your overall experience with the pharmacy.

10. Based on your experience, would you recommend our pharmacy to a friend or family member?

11. If you experienced an issue, was it resolved to your satisfaction?


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Welcome Packet

UCI Health outpatient specialty pharmacy welcome packet

The UCI Health Outpatient Specialty Pharmacy Welcome Packet has all the information you need about our services, therapies, concerns and more. Download the Welcome Packet ›