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Waiting Areas

Important information about COVID-19

UCI Health infectious disease expters are assisting with statewide and national efforts to track and contain COVID-19. Get important updates ›

For the comfort of our visitors, we offer several comfortable and spacious waiting areas. For groups larger than four visitors, special arrangements will be made out of respect for others.

UCI Douglas Hospital

  • 1st floor main lobby area
  • 4th-7th floors

Surgical reception area

It can be difficult to wait for information when a loved one is undergoing surgery. Our Surgical Reception Area can help ease your anxiety by allowing you to follow your loved one's progress through surgery from start to finish.

When you check in at the surgical reception desk, you will be given a case number. This number will be displayed on the large monitor in the waiting area. This monitor will provide general information, color coded to represent the different phases of surgical care.

Upon check-in, you will also be given a pager. This will allow you to leave the Surgical Reception Area to dine in the cafeteria, go to the gift shop or visit the atrium lobby in Douglas Hospital. We will page you whenever there are updates about your loved one.

University Hospital Tower

  • 1st floor main lobby area
  • Near the elevators on all other floors

Quiet rooms

Special rooms have been set aside throughout the hospital for family members who need privacy for a brief period. A member of our nursing staff can direct you to the nearest quiet room.

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