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Restore and Rebalance

At the Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute, we offer a variety of treatments that focus on optimizing health and restoring wellness. Our team of integrative health providers use a broad range of methods to optimize and restore the body's balance. To find out more about our symptom-managing practices, click on each tab below. 

Mindful meditation

Guided imagery

Using your imagination, immerse yourself in a peaceful setting to promote relaxation.

Listen to guided imagery with a forest theme below:

Watch guided imagery with a forest theme below:

Listen to guided imagery with a four elements theme below:

Watch guided imagery with a four elements theme below:


The use of essential oils can enhance symptom management.

Learn more about which scent combinations can benefit you in aromatherapy ›

Yoga therapy

Holistic, healing practices that offer tools for self-care and positive transformation. 

Standing yoga therapy practice: 

Short, seated yoga therapy practice: 


Restful breathwork: 


Massage "acupoints" to manage pain, nausea and anxiety, or to invite relaxation and sleep. 


Apply pressure to certain points that improve blood flow and overall health.

Hand massage video:

Foot massage video:

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