Holiday health tips to help you stay sane

December 14, 2011

IN THE NEWS: The Orange County Register examined the conventional wisdom surrounding holiday season weight gain:

Conventional wisdom used to say that the average person gained 5-10 pounds starting with the first bite of Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and ending with the last Champagne toast on New Year’s. But research now shows that the average weight gain is only about a pound. But even a pound a year can add up. Just ask Santa. 

“When we look back and say, ‘I’ve gained 10 pounds over the last five or 10 years,’ that’s often where it comes from,” said Linda Gigliotti, director of the UC Irvine weight management program. “The key is to take it off when we put it on. Nobody is saying, ‘Don’t eat, don’t enjoy.’ Have a plan.” When it comes to calories, Gigliotti said, it’s important to avoid mindless eating. Instead, choose what’s special.

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