Actor’s possible kidney disorder known as ‘silent’ disease

January 06, 2012
Dr. Madeleine Pahl

IN THE NEWS: The Los Angeles Times asked UC Irvine’s Dr. Madeleine Pahl to discuss kidney disorders in a report about health problems faced by Nick Cannon, the host of “America’s Got Talent.” Cannon and his wife, singer Mariah Carey, have been keeping fans informed about what she has called “minor kidney failure” on Twitter:

Experts said it’s likely Cannon is actually suffering from some form of acute kidney failure. That’s the medical term used to describe the kidney’s inability to properly filter toxins in the body, said Dr. Madeleine Pahl, chief of nephrology at UC Irvine Medical Center and a specialist in kidney disorders.

Acute kidney failure, known as a “silent” disease, may go unnoticed in most patients until it lands them in the hospital, Pahl said… A patient with the disorder might experience no pain unless the ailment was “severe.” (Carey said Cannon was in pain). Other symptoms include swelling, anemia and confusion, and heart disease might occur, Pahl said.

“Almost every organ in your body, every system is affected, she said. “So you are retaining fluid and you might swell.”

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