Columnist writes about her experience at UC Irvine Medical Center

February 29, 2012

IN THE NEWS: Orange County Register columnist Jane Glen Haas described her experiences having her shoulder replaced by UC Irvine’s Dr. Ranjan Gupta:

I’ve been replacing joints for a long time. My knees are almost a decade old and my hip was new two years ago. Just four weeks ago, Dr. Ranjan Gupta, chief of orthopedics at UC Irvine Medical Center, made a 6-inch incision in the front of my shoulder, removing the socket and other bones lying therein. By the time I opted for the shoulder replacement operation, I was having extreme pain – bone-on-bone grinding in the joint, and unbelievable nerve pain radiating from the back of the neck to the joint. I had stopped driving, fearing the pain could impact my steering…. This time I chose to have my surgery at UC Irvine Medical Center, listed as one of America’s best hospitals by US News & World Report. First of all, UC Irvine is a teaching hospital: Everyone from a charge nurse to the head doctor is followed by a brace of students asking questions. That keeps the team on their toes. Second, most patients get private rooms in UC Irvine’s $559 million Douglas Hospital, where surgeons like Gupta perform minimally invasive robotic surgeries.

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