Aging is about adapting, UC Irvine geriatrician says

March 08, 2012
Dr. Laura Mosqueda

IN THE NEWS: In the first of two parts, Orange County Register columnist Jane Glenn Haas discusses aging with Dr. Laura Mosqueda, chair of UC Irvine’s Department of Family Medicine and director of the geriatrics program:

We know that life spans are lengthening and more people are living longer. But some people are not entirely happy about the extra days. Aches, pains and medical difficulties come with this aging. Life adjustments must be made.

Many people look for answers from a geriatrician, specifically a doctor who specializes in aging ailments.

We talked with Dr. Laura Mosqueda, the head of geriatrics at the UC Irvine for the past 14 years, about the good and bad of aging…

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