Return of fireworks to Huntington Beach sparks nostalgia, concerns

July 02, 2012
Dr. Nicole Bernal is acting director of UC Irvine Regional Burn Center

IN THE NEWS: Residents of Huntington Beach can legally purchase fireworks for the first time in 20 years. The Orange County Register talked to UC Irvine’s Dr. Nicole Bernal about potential fireworks-related injuries:

Dr. Nicole Bernal, acting director of the UC Irvine Regional Burn Center, said they generally don’t see a high volume of firework-related injuries on Fourth of July, but that does not mean there are not injuries being suffered.

Last year, 10 patients were treated for firework-related burns.

“Maybe half of them were people not using them in a safe manner and half of them were using them as instructed,” she said. “We saw a slight increase last year and I am definitely concerned we may see an increase again this year.”

Bernal said she is also concerned that the “safe and sane” label somehow signifies fireworks are suitable for children.

“They’re still fireworks and they’re still things that can cause significant burns,” she said.

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