Dr. Ke-Qin Hu provides help for those with liver diseases

December 01, 2012
Ke-Qin Hu, MD, Director, Hepatology Services

Ke-Qin Hu, MD, is director of Hepatology Services at the H. H. Chao Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center. Board certified in internal medicine, Dr. Hu provides consultation and management services for patients with liver diseases, especially viral hepatitis B and C and cirrhosis.

An active clinical investigator, Hu has a long-standing research interest in the basic and clinical aspects of viral hepatitis B and C, as well as primary liver cancer. His current research focuses on understanding how chronic infections with the hepatitis B and C virus are associated with fatty infiltrates in the liver and disease progression, including the development of liver cancer.  Results of Hu’s research are published in leading clinical journals.  He also serves as guest editor of prestigious medical publications, and presents his findings at national and international scientific meetings.

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