Study: Orange County still robust on quantity of life

February 07, 2013
Dr. Lisa Gibbs

IN THE NEWS: An Orange County Register article about a county health department study of life expectancy quoted UC Irvine geriatrician Dr. Lisa Gibbs, director of the UC Irvine SeniorHealth Center:

Orange County residents continue to exceed state and national average life expectancies, according to a new report by the county’s Health Care Agency.

An American born in 2010 has an average life expectancy of 78.7 years, but an Orange County resident born that year is forecast to live to 81.9 years. The state average is 81.4.

Access to health care is important to life span. She said Orange County is fortunate to have a number of agencies and nonprofit organizations that address aging issues.

“Sometimes it’s not all about socioeconomic status,” Gibbs said. “There are plenty of older people that don’t have access to care because they’re isolated. They may not have transportation. They may have some dementia or depression. They may have Medicare and health insurance but there are other factors that isolate them so they’re not getting medical care.”

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