UCI Health expert discusses vaccines as more measles cases reported in Orange County

January 09, 2015
UCI Health infectious disease expert Dr. Shrutii Gohil

IN THE NEWS: With a local measles outbreak in the news, the Orange County Register published questions and answers about vaccines with UCI Health epidemiologist Dr. Shruti Gohil. about the importance of vaccines.

Gohil, an assistant clinical professor of infectious diseases, discussed lingering concerns about the efficacy and safety of vaccines for measles and other communicable diseases. Questions she addressed include:

  • If my child is vaccinated, why should I be afraid that other children aren’t? Aren’t the unvaccinated the ones at risk?
  • If I’m afraid that my baby shouldn’t be vaccinated with so many different concoctions all at once, can I do it slowly and still be sure he is covered?
  • If my child’s school experiences an outbreak of a communicable disease and we have been vaccinated, what should I do to be safe?

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