Stabbed 22 times: UCI Health trauma surgeon discusses patient's lifesaving treatment on TV

February 17, 2015

UCI Health trauma surgeon Dr. Michael Lekawa will appear on the nationally syndicated The Doctors TV show to discuss the successful efforts to save the life of Holly McCrary, a young woman who was stabbed 22 times during a horrific episode of domestic violence in December 2011.

The show will chronicle Holly’s life since the attack. Dr. Lekawa and the trauma team repaired of multiple life-threatening stab wounds, including a lacerated heart, to stop her extreme blood loss. She suffered broken bones, a severed tendon and underwent numerous surgeries. After a month in the hospital, she was discharged and continued to see specialists and undergo more surgery over the next three years.

The episode airs at 11 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 19 on KCAL9 in the Los Angeles area and on other stations nationwide.


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