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March 05, 2015
UC Irvine doctors in Tustin and Orange

If you think you only need to see a doctor when you’re sick, think again. Having a primary care physician you visit regularly is one of the smartest things you can do for your health. And now, UCI Health is in even more locations so that you can connect with a primary care doctor in a community close to where you live or work.

Our new primary care centers in Orange and Tustin opened in November, staffed by highly experienced physicians in the UCI Health Medical Group.

Your primary care doctor plays an important role in your health, partnering with you on preventive care while keeping a sharp eye out for signs of any serious health problems. “The idea is to prevent or catch smaller problems before they become big ones,” says Dr. Sajee Lekawa, an internal medicine specialist and medical director of the UCI Health Medical Group. “When I know my patients well, it’s easier to pick up on any health changes that need attention.”

Best of all, when a referral is needed, the renowned specialists at UCI Health—more than 500 of them—are available to you and your family.

“When you’re a patient and know you can connect with world-class specialists and hospital care, it puts you at ease,” says Lekawa. “And I know my patients will be getting the best care when I refer.”

That connection helped draw Lekawa to UCI Health in the first place. “Our medical group has a great vision for patient care. It’s innovative, inclusive and patient-centered,” she says.

The new primary care centers, which offer family and internal medicine, along with on-site laboratory services for quick turnaround of test results, are part of that vision. The Tustin location also offers pediatrics and rheumatology care, plus hospital-level imaging services such as X-ray and ultrasound, and urgent care on evenings and weekends. More highly trained doctors in a number of specialties will be joining the Tustin center soon.

“Having all these services on-site is what sets us apart,” Lekawa says. “It’s one-stop shopping for primary care—easy, convenient and a place that people can trust for great medical services.”

The new primary care centers reflect Lekawa’s philosophy of patient care. “I want to partner with my patients to help them get healthy and stay healthy,” she says. “That’s what primary care is all about.”

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