Technology is making invasive surgery obsolete

April 30, 2015

IN THE NEWS:UCI Health is leading the way in advancing no-incision approaches to surgery, according to Dr. Jaime Landman, professor and chair, Department of Urology, UC Irvine.

Daily Pilot Fitness Files columnist Carrie Luger Slayback covered Dr. Landman’s recent presentation at the Newport Beach Public Library, where he discussed the rapid surgical innovations being made possible by revolutionary advances in high-definition imaging and technology.

Landman described how the patient experience in the not-too-distant future will involve increasingly less invasive procedures, aided by robots, advanced by computer chips and enhanced by 3D printing. Colonoscopy scopes will be a thing of the past. Patients will simply swallow a pill, which will be steered by a magnet through the intestines. Prostate biopsies will be replaced by a camera pill and scan, and any cancerous growths will be removed by non-surgical ablation rather than a prostatectomy. The advent of 3D printing will not only be used to create surgical tools designed for each patient’s anatomy, but will also help eliminate operating room medical waste.

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