Advanced techniques offer customized breast cancer screening and treatment options

October 30, 2015

Dr. Alice Police

IN THE NEWS: One size no longer fits all when it comes to scheduling mammograms and deciding what option is best for treating breast cancer, according to Dr. Alice Police, director of the UCI Health Pacific Breast Care Center and Dr. Freddie Combs, director of breast imaging at Pacific Breast Care Center. The two breast cancer experts discussed their approach to screening and treating patients in a lecture at the Newport Beach Public Library.

Combs described the genetic and environmental factors that can play a role in determining a woman’s risk for developing breast cancer, some of which can be modified through lifestyle changes and others, such as family history and dense breast tissue, that cannot be modified. He evaluates and analyzes each patient’s specific risk factors to develop a customized screening plan.

Mastectomy is not necessarily the best treatment for reducing the risk of breast cancer recurrence, Police said. For most women, lumpectomies, in which only the cancerous tumor is removed, work better in the long run. She described some of the latest advances in tools and technology that she uses in the surgical suite that help her treat patients more effectively.

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