One-step test for hepatitis C virus infection developed by UCI Health researchers

November 17, 2015

IN THE NEWS:  UCI Health researchers, led by Dr. Ke-Qin Hu, director of hepatology services, have developed a novel, cost-effective one-step test that can use a urine specimen to detect, screen and confirm an active hepatitis C virus infection. Hu presented study results at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Disease (AASLD) in San Francisco earlier this month.

The new test is much more sensitive and specific than the current two-step test, which requires a blood specimen. Hu says that the ability to use urine rather than blood avoids the inconvenience of needle stick and collection, and greatly reduces the cost and necessary clinical infrastructure for screening and diagnosis, which he believes will help promote widespread adoption of the test on a global scale.

Numerous costumer and health media around the world, including the Los Angeles Times, reported the story.

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