Bypass surgery beats diet and exercise for treating type 2 diabetes

March 25, 2016

IN THE NEWS: Results from a clinical trial among obese patients with type 2 diabetes showed that gastric bypass surgery was a more effective treatment than an intensive diet and exercise program. Reuters Health reports that after 12 months, 60 percent of obese patients in the gastric bypass surgery group had lowered their blood sugar to the non-diabetic range compared to 6 percent of those in the diet and exercise group.

In the Reuters Health article, Nathan D. Wong, PhD, director, UC Irvine School of Medicine Heart Disease Prevention Program, said surgery should still be the last treatment option.

“Patients with pre-diabetes (and even before that) should be more conscious of their lifestyle and what they can do to prevent diabetes,” Wong said. “Healthcare providers (and insurers alike) need to provide better support and resources to effect intensive lifestyle intervention.”

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