The truth about hangover cures – prevention is the best medicine

March 18, 2016

IN THE NEWS: It's the day after St. Patrick’s Day and many people are searching for a hangover cure – there is no shortage of helpful advice. Online news site the Laguna Beach Patch talked to UCI Health Emergency Medicine physician Dr. Carl Schultz for his professional assessment on a variety of familiar remedies, from hair of the dog to eating a greasy breakfast to pricey detox treatments.

“I am not familiar with any solid medical breatkthrough,” said Schultz. “I am sure there are many ‘breakthrough’ treatments people are happy to sell you, but whether they work or not is another matter.”

He says that hangovers are directly related to how much, and how fast you drink, so the key is to pace yourself. Easier said than done for many people, as he and his team are preparing for an uptick in emergency room visits this weekend.

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