UCI Health live-streams first doctor-to-doctor colonoscopy

March 30, 2016

IN THE NEWS: March is colon cancer awareness month. To raise awareness of the importance of screening and to demystify the process, two UCI Health gastroenterology experts participated in the first live stream doctor-to-doctor colonoscopy.

In an interview with the Orange County Register, Dr. Gregory Albers, medical director of UCI Health GI Diagnostic Services, said he agreed to undergo the procedure without sedation to show people that a colonoscopy can actually be fun. Dr. Kenneth Chang, executive director of the H.H. Chao Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center, performed the procedure.

“Every time I do one, I’m excited by what I might find, what I might see,” says Albers, who estimates that he’s done about 30,000 colonoscopies.

The live stream also featured Chang and Albers answering questions tweeted by the viewing audience.

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