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‘Middle age,’ an important time for screenings

Prevention is crucial to aging well and preventing complications

September 15, 2023
uci health geriatrician dr. sonia sehgal wearing white coat in front of the uci health senior health center in orange california
Dr. Sonia Sehgal says "middle age" is an
important time to focus on disease

IN THE NEWS: The adage that age is just a number seems to be truer than ever as people live longer and fuller lives. It also brings into the question what the term “middle age” really means.

Dr. Sonia Sehgal, a geriatrician at UCI Health, tells Prevention that she thinks it has little to do with one’s physical condition.

Prevention logo light blue letters on white background“It’s a time of reflection for many people, as they think back on their life lived so far and then plan for the years ahead. There are no specific biomarkers that indicate transition into or out of middle age."

Instead, she says, it’s more important to focus on prevention.

“Preventive screenings such as mammogram, colonoscopy, and immunizations and lab tests for early detection of high cholesterol and diabetes are important to have done to initiate a treatment plan to prevent future complications.”

Sehgal is a professor and Archstone Endowed Chair in the Division of Geriatrics & Gerontology at the UCI School of Medicine. She has been selected a Physician of Excellence by the Orange County Medical Association every year since 2012. In 2021, Sehgal was named one of 12 Dean's Scholars, a select group of medical school faculty members charged with implementing initiatives that advance the training and assessment of medical students' clinical skills and ensure the development of the next generation of medical scholars and national leaders.

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