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Construction FAQ

How can I be notified about upcoming projects and bid opportunities?

We do not send bid notifications to contractors or subcontractors regarding new construction projects.

The best places to view bid advertisements are SBE Legal Notices, SBE Newsletter, ConstructConnect and the Planning Administration website.

How can I become eligible to bid on smaller projects?

For projects of up to $50,000, the university's project manager may select a contractor and negotiate a contract for the desired work.

For projects greater than $50,000 and up to $300,000, the university conducts an informal competitive bid process. The project manager will invite a minimum of three contractors able to perform the applicable work.

For projects greater than $300,000 and up to $640,000, the informal competitive bid process requires base qualification of both the general contractor and MEP subcontractors.

To become base qualified for work at the medical center, general contractors and MEP subcontractors may submit their qualifications to the Planning Administration contracts team ›

Are prevailing wages, including Davis-Bacon Act wages, required on UC projects?

With few exceptions, prevailing wages are required for projects in excess of $1,000. Davis-Bacon Act wages may apply to UC projects that are federally funded.

Do you prequalify general contractors for every job?

Yes, we typically prequalify general contractors on a project-by-project basis. Depending on the size, scope and complexity of a project, prequalification of critical subcontractor trades may also be conducted.

We strive to partner with contractors who are responsive and responsible, and well-qualified for the project at hand. Prequalification criteria are tailored to the specific requirements of each project.

Are there any special owner requirements for contractors working at the medical center?

All contractors and their subcontractors performing work at the medical center must attend our contractors' training workshop before beginning work.

This workshop covers safety, work conditions, infection prevention, The Joint Commission and more.

Depending on the nature and location of a project, the contractor may be required to implement special measures related to infection control, noise, dust, vibration, work hours, etc., to ensure the safety, comfort and health of medical center patients, visitors and staff.

What are the university's insurance, bond and safety record requirements?

Insurance: Construction project insurance requirements vary with the size, scope, complexity and other risk factors. At a minimum, contractors are required to carry $2 million in general and automobile liability coverage, as well as statutorily required workers' compensation insurance.

Bonds: The awarded contractor must furnish a payment bond for all contracts valued at $25,000 or more. Performance bonds are required for contracts valued at over $50,000. Projects that are formally bid will require bid bond to be submitted at the time of bid, and payment and performance bonds before contract award.

Safety record: Contractors working at the medical center must have an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 1.00 or less for at least five of the last 10 years.

What are some typical bid errors that may cause a contractor's bid to be rejected?

Errors that have caused bids to be rejected in the past include:

  •  Bid bond on the university's form issued with the bid documents is not submitted
  • Bid form is unsigned or is not signed by a person authorized the bind the bidder to a contract
  • Bidder modifies the bid or bid form
  • Bidder fails to fill out bid form completely (required fields are left blank)
  • Bidder's list of subcontractors is incomplete or inaccurate

Does the university observe any Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) requirements?

Per SB 854, beginning July 1, 2014, contractors must register with the DIR before bidding on public works contracts in California.

The university cannot award a construction contract until the contractor has fully completed their registration.

What delivery methods do you use at the medical center?

Traditionally, the university has used the design/bid/build delivery on a number of projects.

The design/build delivery will be in more robust use for select future projects.

Does the university outsource inspection services?

The university provides both OSHPD and non-OSHPD construction inspection and deputy inspection.

There are some exceptions that require the contractor to provide certain testing and/or balancing services.

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