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Space Planning Procedure

Space Planning is a process that coordinates UCI Health with physical space over a specific period of time. UC Irvine Medical Center's goal is to achieve the best use and organization of space to meet the needs of:

  • Patient care
  • Medical education
  • Research

The medical center must determine its long-term space objectives regarding strategic positioning and highest and best use of physical space.

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Planning Administration includes under its purview the allocation of space throughout the medical center, oversees the space planning process and advises the Capital Space Planning Committee (CSPC) regarding current and future use of the medical center's space resources.

Planning Administration will survey and compile detailed space utilization data for each building. A staff member has been assigned to walk every building in order to classify and document the use of each room for the evaluation of the current development.

The results and findings will provide:

  • A valuable tool for evaluating each department's or unit's use of space
  • Allocated vs. actual utilization of space by users
  • Space availability update
  • Additional studies to support or modify the plan of action, such as utility
  • Threshold analysis of whether the highest priority departments/units are allocated with adequate space (part of master planning)
  • Assessment of present and future parking needs (part of master planning)

Space approval criteria

The CSPC will utilize the following criteria to form their basis when evaluating and determining the assignment of space in new, remodeled or vacated facilities:




Total Points

Necessity: Is the space request based on health, safety or emergency needs? 10 9 90
Support: Is the program a critical need for the medical center, and does it support the services we provide? 9 9 81
Impact: What negative impact would occur if space is not assigned, and what other programs might be affected?
8 9
Practicality: Does the benefit outweigh the cost? 7
Appropriateness: Is the space appropriate for the particular purpose?


Rating index

0=Does not assist in achieving the criteria

1=Assists in meeting the criteria

3=Accelerates the achievement of the criteria

9=Essential for meeting the criteria


Minimum: 0 points 50%: 180 points
Maximum: 360 points


The rating scale is 0, 1, 3 and 9. Scores exceeding 180, which is 50 percent of the total score, will generally receive a recommendation for approval of the project request from the Capital Space Planning Committee.

The process

1. For inclusion in the monthly agenda, users/project sponsors will submit a Space Request Form to the project governance manager. Space requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

2. Capital Space Planning Committee convenes on the third Wednesday of each month to review, evaluate, manage and make recommendations regarding the requests for new and/or additional medical center space, existing space changes, temporary use of space, leases and/or space allocations.

3. Depending on the circumstances of the request, CSPC will evaluate the request using the space planning criteria for a fair and equitable determination.

4. Program administrator and space planning field officer may survey the physical space for further research and understanding of the requested space, and report the findings to CSPC.

5. Once CSPC has reached a decision or approval of the space request, the program administrator will contact the users/project sponsors to share their outcome.

6. Minutes will be taken at each monthly meeting.

Roles and responsibilities

Capital Space Planning Committee: Planning Administration collaborates with the Chief Operating Officer and the Capital Space Planning Committee to evaluate and advise regarding the use of Medical Center space in relation to existing operational and projected Capital Plan needs and constraints.

Committee purpose

The SGC will have oversight over space planning and assignment pertaining to administrative office space (ie. office/cubicle, storage, resident/physician lounge, training/conference room, short-term space needs for special programs, department consolidation, etc.) at the Orange campus and satellite clinics.

Decisions of the committee will be made in accordance with the mission, vision, and aspirations of UCI Health as well as the current integrated strategic plan of UCI Health.

The intended purpose of the SGC is to enable decision-making with oversight by executive leadership of UCI Health on certain space planning requests that need executive leadership direction to come to resolution. The responsibilities of the committee will not include day-to-day operational accountability, which will reside with the department of Planning Administration.

Key functions

The committee’s oversight responsibilities will include:

  • Recommended action for space planning requests that have been referred to the SGC
  • Recommended action for development and amendments to space policies and procedures
  • Approval of new space assignments
  • Approval of amendments to space policies and procedures

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