For Your Child

Proper Dental Care Begins with Baby Teeth

Healthy teeth are important to your child’s growth and development. They help your child eat right, talk properly, and smile with confidence. Primary teeth, also known as baby teeth, hold space for permanent teeth.

Protect Your Little One from RSV

From colds to seasonal flu, parents are always fighting to keep their little ones healthy. But one sickness tends to slip under the radar: respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). This virus infects almost every child at least once before age 2.

The A to Zzzz’s of Healthy Sleep Habits for You and Your Baby

There’s a lot you can do from the very beginning to set the foundation for healthy sleep habits.

The New Secondhand Smoke Danger for Kids: Cannabis

children may face a new threat: secondhand smoke from cannabis (also known as marijuana). As states legalize marijuana, more kids may be breathing in the harmful chemicals and toxins from smoking and vaping.

When Growing Up Hurts

Both grown-ups and kids can hurt their bones. But because they are still growing, children have special kinds of injuries.

How Parents Can Help Prevent a Youth Diabetes Crisis

Health experts don’t have a crystal ball, but they are looking ahead—and what they’ve seen concerns them. If trends continue, they estimate as many as 220,000 people ages 20 and younger will have type 2 diabetes by the year 2060.

Kick Car Sickness to the Curb

Why do some kids feel sick more easily than others? The issue may be due to increased sensitivity in part of the inner ear that plays a key role in balance.

Treating a Child’s Symptoms Without Medicine

Certain OTC medicines can be dangerous for kids. So how can you help your little one find relief until their illness goes away?

What Parents Should Know About BMI

Childhood obesity has become an epidemic. And it starts early—right now, about 1 in 5 kindergarteners already carries extra pounds.

Make Time for Well-Child Visits

Heed the tips below to make scheduling and keeping well-child visits easier, and to help you make the most of them.

Protecting Your Child from RSV

RSV is respiratory syncytial virus, a common seasonal illness. But this year, it’s spiking earlier and putting healthcare providers and parents on alert.

Why Your Neighborhood Matters to Your Child’s Lung Health

Asthma affects about 5.5 million children nationwide—but the burden doesn’t fall equally. Some kids, such as those who are Black or Hispanic, face a higher risk.