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Cardiac Arrhythmia Services

Abnormal heart rhythms, also known as cardiac arrhythmias, occur when the electrical impulses that keep your heart beating steadily go awry. They can be alarming to experience.

Arrhythmias are usually harmless, though some can be life-threatening. They also are common, affecting nearly four million Americans.

The cardiac arrhythmia specialists at UCI Health have access to one of the most advanced electrophysiology labs in Orange County, which can help pinpoint why your heart isn't beating normally.

Armed with this information, our world-class cardiologists will develop a treatment plan that fits your unique needs.

We see patients at UCI Medical Center in Orange, at UCI Health Gottschalk Medical Plaza on the university campus in Irvine and UCI Health — Tustin

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Arrhythmias can be a challenge to diagnose, especially when their symptoms appear sporadically. Some tests you may be given to diagnose your condition include:


When you have been diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia, our caring team of cardiologists has access to state-of-the-art technology to treat your condition. Treatments we offer include:


Our skilled cardiac arrhythmia team is led by David M. Donaldson, MD, director of electrophysiology. The team also includes Michael Rochon-Duck, MD.

All of the cardiologists at UCI Health Cardiovascular Services collaborate closely to care for you.

The cardiology team includes vascular, endovascular, cardiothoracic surgeons, nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitians and exercise physiologists. We are all dedicated solely to improving your heart health.

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