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UCI Health will see you now: Welcome to our new co-workers and patients from Fountain Valley, Lakewood, Los Alamitos and Placentia-Linda! 

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Heart Health Coaching

The UCI Health Cardiovascular Center offers coaching services designed to empower cardiac patients, teaching them to manage their complex conditions and learn skills to help protect their health. 

Our heart health coaches serve as both patient educators and advocates. They will help you: 

  • Access the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP), which is a proven health behavior change program to help you prevent type 2 diabetes
  • Navigate your individual care plan
  • Learn self-management skills to address your unique condition
  • Maintain clear and effective communications with your cardiac care team
  • Assist with all transition-of-care needs
  • Identify community resources
  • Access information to increase healthcare knowledge

Our coaches are trained in a variety of patient self-management strategies, including patient advocacy, motivational interviewing and teach-back techniques to improve communication. They are experienced in a wide range of patient-care environments and are trained in the needs of unique patient populations that often require cardiac care, including: 

  • Aging patients
  • People with diabetes
  • Patients treated for acute myocardial infarction (AMI)
  • Patients recuperating from cardiac procedures
  • Patients diagnosed with heart failure
  • Patients with hypertension

Heart health coaches meet with patients at the UCI Health Cardiovascular Center before and after provider visits, or during their dedicated coaching sessions. They provide coaching services to hospitalized patients who are being treated for acute heart conditions. 

Coaching services are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., in person, remotely, in group-coaching classes or support groups. Cardiology support groups are free and open to all UCI Health heart patients. 

To learn more about our heart-health coaching services or to make an appointment, please call 714-456-7514.

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