Mindful Parenting of Teens

Parenting teens can be a daunting task. The teen years are a time of emotional intensity, novelty seeking and identity development. Teens are developmentally wired to push boundaries and take risks, which can leave parents anxious and grieving for simpler times. Yet, it is also a time of rapid brain growth, courage, creativity and vitality.

Join us for a morning of mindfulness practice, skill building and discussion on how we can empower and guide our teens through these exciting and turbulent years while strengthening the parent-child connection, and nurturing ourselves in the process.

Taught by Sapna Chopra, PhD & Susan Halim, MA, MS, LMFT


Jessica Drew de Paz

Registration Instructions:

Register at ssihi.uci.edu & email drewj@uci.edu with questions

$50 (15% discount for UCI employees, UCI students & Well-Being Circle members)