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A Simple Way to Keep the Flu Away

You can prevent the flu this season by taking 1 simple step: Get a flu shot.

Trampoline Safety

Home trampolines are popular and seem like lots of fun, but they're also dangerous. They cause thousands of injuries every year in the U.S.

Be Careful with Kitchen Knives

With a few cutting-edge tips from experts who use knives for a living -- top chefs -- you can stay away from the biggest danger of kitchen work.

Do I Really Need a Fire Extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers can be a small but important part of the home fire safety plan. This holds true only after you've already installed working smoke detectors and a safe home fire evacuation plan.

Hand Tool Safety

Although hand tools do not pose the same lethal threat as some power tools, they are still a factor in a high number of accidents each year.

A Safety Checklist for Parents

You can help keep your children safe by following these precautions.

Myths and Tips About Dressing for Winter

Here are some misconceptions about the cold, and some suggestions for staying toasty this winter.

Fire Safety

Detailed information on fire and burn safety.

Eye Protection Keeps Kids in the Game

The sports that cause the most injuries are basketball, baseball, pool sports, and racket sports. But any sport that involves something that is fired or thrown can be hazardous to the eyes.

Prevent Injury Around Barbecue Grills

Because barbecue grills are operated in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, they tend to be taken for granted. And that can lead to serious injury.

Time to Fertilize? Wait a Minute!

Fertilizers aren't dangerous to handle, but chemicals used to control pests and weeds can be highly toxic. Here are tips for correct use.

In the Kitchen: Prevent the Spread of Infection

Bacteria can spread anywhere in the kitchen. Read on for a detailed guide to preventing contamination in your kitchen, and tips for cleaning and disinfecting.

Contact Lens Safety Tips

If you wear contact lenses, it's important to follow your eye care provider's directions on wearing and disinfecting them.

Eye Protection Critical in Sports

Sports is 1 of the leading causes of school-age children's eye injuries, but most of those injuries are preventable.

Street Hockey: Good Surface, Gear Are Critical

Street hockey is popular because it's cheaper than regular hockey and can be played anywhere there is a hard surface.

Car Seat Safety and Distracted Driving

Detailed information on car safety.

For Parents: Bicycle, In-Line Skating, Skateboard, and Scooter Safety

Detailed information on bicycle, inline skating, skateboarding, and scooter safety

Help Your Back Work for You

Your back is important to almost every move you make, but you likely won't realize that until you hurt it. Read on for some tips for back pain relief, and learn how to keep your back strong.

How to Map Out a Safe Vacation

By thinking ahead and planning for your vacation before you go, the only surprises you'll encounter are the nice ones.

Sports Safety

Because children's bodies are still growing and their coordination is still developing, children are more at risk for sports injuries than adults.

Preventing Household Poisonings

Here are tips to help prevent poisoning in your home.

Essential Guidelines for Firework Safety

It's best to let the professionals handle the firework displays. If you plan to celebrate the holiday with your own fireworks, these precautions can help prevent injuries.

Handling Hazardous Materials at Home

Many common household products contain chemicals that can cause injury or death if they are handled, stored, or used incorrectly.

Protect Your Hearing on the Job

Understand what kind of noise level is dangerously high on the job—and how best to protect your hearing.

Hazardous Substances Demand Your Respect

Depending on where you work and the substances you handle, you may be at risk of accidental poisonings, chemical burns, or suffocation. Read on to learn about the safety steps that can help keep you safe.

Bicycling, Inline Skating, Skateboarding, and Scooter Safety—Prevention

Read on for specific safety and injury prevention tips for wheel sports--from biking and inline skating to skateboarding and scooters.

Buying Guidelines for Safe and Fun Toys

Toy-related injuries send tens of thousands of children to the emergency room each year. Most injuries occur when parents give their children toys meant for older children.

Older Adults: Preventing Falls

Every year, millions of adults fall, leading to injuries and emergency room visits. Many of these falls and injuries can be prevented.

Water-Safety 101: Basic Guidelines

Every year, thousands of Americans are injured or killed in boating and swimming accidents. You can protect yourself and your family from such accidents by following these guidelines.

Unwrap the Gift of Toy Safety

Your challenge is to find toys that your children will enjoy and that you know are safe. Read on to learn important tips that can help.

Have a Hazard-Free Halloween

Read on for helpful Halloween safety tips--from costumes and pumpkin carving to trick-or-treating.

Beware of Over-the-Counter Contact Lenses

Tips to help you be smart about using contacts.

Steer Clear of Sports Supplements

Youths see their sports heroes using what seem to be magic potions, and they want to do it, too.

Protect Your Child from Medical Errors

A medical error can occur when something that was planned for medical care doesn't work, or when the wrong plan was used in the first place.

Cough Medicine Abuse by Teens

DXM is a common ingredient in many cough and cold remedies. It's also become a popular substance to abuse by teens searching for a cheap, easy high. Here's what you should know.

For Adults: Take Care with Antidepressants

Learn all about antidepressants, including how they work, tips for taking them, and possible side effects.

Stay Awake Behind the Wheel

When you're behind the wheel, you may believe that you can stop yourself from falling asleep, but you can't. You may not even know you've dozed off. Here are some important tips to help stay alert.

Primer- GHB, a Club Drug

Learn more about GHB, a dangerous and addictive illegal drug. GHB produces a feeling of euphoria and hallucinations. It is popular with teens who go to all-night dance parties.

Toy Safety—Identifying High-Risk Situations

Small toys or toys with small removal parts are not appropriate for children ages 3 and younger.

Female Teen Athletes: At Risk for Injury?

Teen girls who are athletes face unique obstacles when it comes to their bodies and how well they perform.

Keep Kids Safe During Yard Work

Power tools make yard work easier, from mowing the lawn to trimming the bushes. But these tools also pose a threat to children if precautions aren't taken. Read on for important safety steps.

Clinical Trials: Should You Participate?

Being involved in a clinical trial has risks and benefits. Being informed and asking lots of questions can help you make a decision.

What to Do If You Have to Evacuate Your Home

Consider in advance what kinds of disasters might strike your area. Do you live in an earthquake zone? Is flooding a possibility? Then think about what you'll do in an emergency.

Take Care with Nasal Sprays

A medicated nasal decongestant spray may offer fast relief when your nose is congested and running. But using them for too long can cause problems. Learn about some other options, as well as how to treat young children.

For Older Adults- You Can Beat the Heat

After age 65, your body can't adjust to changes in air temperature--especially heat--as quickly as it did when you were younger. That puts you at risk for heat-related illnesses.

Stop Dating Abuse Before It Starts

Teen dating violence is worrisome. But it's not inevitable. Here's how you and your teen can prevent possibly unsafe situations and reduce the risk for problems.

Primer: Smokeless Tobacco

Many people think using smokeless tobacco is safer than smoking. But just because there's no smoke, doesn't mean it's safe.

Recognizing Emotional Abuse

Physical violence is just one form of domestic abuse. Emotional abuse can affect you in serious ways as well. Read on to learn more.

Cheerleading Safety

A safe cheerleading program has direct adult supervision, proper conditioning, skills training, and warm-up exercises.

What Are the Health Effects of Air Pollution?

A look at some of the major air pollutants and how they can affect you.

How to Safely Choose OTC Medicines

Over-the-counter (OTC) cough and pain relievers, laxatives, and headache remedies may treat different conditions, but they all have one thing in common: They're serious medicines that need to be taken with care.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Three kinds of prescription medicines are potentially addictive: opioids, tranquilizers, and stimulants. Here's what you should know.

Use Your Medicines Wisely

Although most medicines are safe when you take them the right way, some of them can cause dizziness, loss of consciousness, bleeding, irregular heartbeats, and other side effects in some cases.

5 Home Safety Threats You Might Overlook

For safety's sake, look through your home often. Keep an eye out for not-so-obvious hazards.

What to Look for on OTC Medicine Labels

Always read the label. All OTC medicine labels have detailed usage and warning information to help you choose and use the products. Here's a helpful guide to reading these labels.

Do You Have a Family Disaster Plan?

Natural disasters can strike quickly and force families like yours to evacuate your neighborhood. But families can and do survive such circumstances if they prepare in advance. These suggestions can help you plan for the worst.

Stay Safe When You’re in the Hospital

Being active and involved in care decisions and taking extra precautions to prevent infection when in a hospital can help keep you and your family safe.

A Common Plastic Comes Under Scrutiny

Polycarbonate plastic is durable, impact-resistant, and clear. It is widely used in food and drink containers, but research has raised concerns over its health effects.

Parents: Check Toys for Lead

You may have heard reports about lead paint causing recalls of children’s toys. While federal officials and health experts work to fix the problem, what can you do to keep your kids safe? First, you can check your child's toys against those listed as being recalled due to lead issues.

Installing and Using Child Safety Seats and Booster Seats

As part of your preparation for your new baby, you probably got an infant safety seat for the car. But do you know how to make sure it’s installed correctly? And when do you switch to a child safety seat? Learn the ins and outs of safe car travel for your little one.

Bullies: Helping Your Child Cope

Bullying can happen in school, on the playground - and now even on the Internet through social networking sites. Here are some warning signs to watch for, and information on how to help your child.

Moving Your Toddler from Crib to Bed

Moving your child from the crib to a first bed is a milestone event. But more than the bittersweet emotional concerns, your priorities will be safety and a healthy sleep routine.

Teenagers and Summer Jobs

Parents often wonder whether their child is ready to get a job. One way to answer this question is to check on the labor laws that affect children and youths.

Job Safety Critical for Teens

The main threats to teens are often said to involve drugs, alcohol, or car crashes. But there’s another risk most parents might not think of: work. Tens of thousands of teens are badly hurt at work each year.

In the Campground: Staying Safe

Planning ahead and being safety-conscious while in the wild can keep everyone safe and secure. Here are suggestions from the U.S. Forest Service and the American Red Cross.

Vaping and E-Cigarettes

Major health concerns have been raised about e-cigarettes. Here's what you need to know.

Taking NSAIDs Safely

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines are a popular choice for pain relief. But even though you can buy them without a prescription, that doesn’t mean they aren’t without risks. Here’s what you need to know to use them properly.

Take Care When Raking Leaves

Raking and disposing of leaves is more than a chore. It's a vigorous aerobic workout. Although exercise is good for you, this workout is full of demanding repetitive motions. Read on for helpful safety tips.

Stay Safe This Winter

Winter weather presents safety challenges inside and outside the home. Being prepared and following these safety tips can help you stay safe and warm.