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Donors needed to ease national blood shortage

uci health transfusion medicine expert dr. minh-ha tran wearing a white lab coat and tie standing in front of the uci health blood bank
March 08, 2024
IN THE NEWS: Just 3% of people who are eligible to donate do so.

Novel stem-cell therapy continues to show promise for Parkinson's disease

Dr. Claire Henchcliffe, a leading Parkinson's disease expert, is chair of the UCI School of Medicine Department of Neurology.
March 06, 2024
A stem-cell-derived therapy to restore dopamine production posts positive results 18 months after treatment.

Strategies for preventing dementia

March 06, 2024
IN THE NEWS: Some risk factors can’t be changed. Others can be helped with lifestyle, says a UC Health neurologist.

The link between multiple sclerosis and memory loss

March 01, 2024
IN THE NEWS: The many symptoms of the autoimmune disease can indirectly affect cognition, says a UCI Health neurologist.

UCI Health dermatologist equates hair loss with loss of identity

February 29, 2024
IN THE NEWS: A proposed bill in California could require wig coverage for sufferers of hair loss related to a medical condition, providing comfort...

Frontotemporal dementia’s unusual presentation

February 29, 2024
IN THE NEWS: The slow-progressing condition strikes individuals under 65 years of age.

UCI Health named a top hospital by Newsweek

February 28, 2024
The health system is also recognized as a global leader in infection prevention.

UC Irvine advances stem cell research with $4 million CIRM grant for shared resources lab

February 27, 2024
The funding will enable upgraded equipment, new services and user training in four critical areas.

Sharp rise in use of weight-loss drugs among youth

uci health pediatrician dan cooper in an office wearing a blue shirt and dark tie, smiling
February 26, 2024
IN THE NEWS: As impact on growth remains unknown, pediatrician Dr. Dan Cooper is cautious.

Surgeon leads overseas medical missions to impoverished villages

An older adult woman who had never seen a physician in her life hugs Dr. Cristobal Barrios Jr. of UCI Health during his humanitarian visit to Ecuador last year. Angelo Di Fusco
February 21, 2024
A team of volunteers led by Dr. Cristobal Barrios treated 3,750 patients as part of a humanitarian mission in Quito, Ecuador.