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64,000 pregnancies resulted from rape in states with abortion bans

January 29, 2024
IN THE NEWS: UCI Health obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Rachel Perry discusses new research.

Blood banks in urgent need of donors

January 29, 2024
IN THE NEWS: Whole blood and platelets are needed to save lives.

Getting more sleep ― virtually

January 25, 2024
IN THE NEWS: Some are turning to virtual reality for better slumber, but a UCI Health sleep expert sounds a note of caution.

New techniques in outpatient spine surgery could widen access

January 25, 2024
IN THE NEWS: Awake surgical techniques will broaden who can receive the surgery.

Understanding the science – and technology – of intraocular lenses

uci health ophthalmologist dr. marjan farid indoors wearing a white coat and orange top
January 25, 2024
IN THE NEWS: Mixing and matching lens technologies benefits patients’ vision.

Choosing a continuing care retirement community

January 25, 2024
IN THE NEWS: The lesser-known option offers a range of care levels for older adults.

Royal Philharmonic leads music therapy for UCI Health stroke patients

uci student wearing red sweatshirt and uci student wearing blue sweatshirt helping senior woman play a stringed instrument
January 22, 2024
IN THE NEWS: The demonstration of the innovative program, Strokestra, was the orchestra’s first on the west coast.

UCI-led study: Alkaline water doesn’t help prevent kidney stones

uci health urologist and kidney stone expert dr. roshan patel in an operating room wearing blue scrubs
January 19, 2024
Its alkali content is too low to be effective, say researchers.

Study: Popular diabetes drugs not linked to increased pancreatic cancer risk

January 18, 2024
UCI Health bariatric medicine expert says more research is needed into the medications.

Focused ultrasound could be key to treating Alzheimer’s disease, study finds

January 16, 2024
IN THE NEWS: A UCI Alzheimer's disease expert calls the results exciting, but urges caution when it comes to the brain's protective barrier.