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Child Life Practicum

The child life practicum/field work experience is designed to provide an introduction to individuals interested in a future career in child life.

Through observation and experiential learning, students will increase their knowledge of theories related to the assessment and interventions used in the field of child life and child development.

The primary modality of learning for students will occur in the playroom or through bedside activities with patients, their siblings and families. Since play is the basis for children’s learning, students will have opportunities to observe and support children in activities that foster creativity and mastery to increase normalization and facilitate coping in the medical environment. 

Opportunities for observation of a child life specialist will occur in various settings throughout the medical center at UCI Health and will be supervised by a certified child life specialist. 

Only students, who are enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate program, will be considered.  Interested individuals should review the application packet for more information and deadlines to apply.

Requirements to apply

  • Minimum of 100 hours of direct volunteer or work experience with children and adolescents
  • Enrolled in a undergraduate or graduate level academic program
  • Completed 8 classes in child development and or psychology and or child life studies

Applications are currently closed.

Child Life Volunteer Program
Interested in becoming a child life volunteer? Visit the Child Life Volunteer page for more information.
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