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News in 2011

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Taming the weekend warrior: How to avoid sports injuries

June 13, 2011
Southern Californians are, by and large, active people. But every now and then, we overdo it, jumping headfirst into summertime sports we’re...

UC Irvine and Angels team up for summer blood drives to benefit trauma patients, newborns

June 13, 2011
UCI Health and Angels Baseball are partnering in a series of blood drives at Angel Stadium this summer to increase the supply for people in need at...

Concussion conference spotlights high school sports risks

June 11, 2011
IN THE NEWS: The Orange County Register’s coverage of the “Concussion in Youth & High School Sports” symposium at UC Irvine...

Are bathroom visits more likely to send you to the ER?

June 10, 2011
IN THE NEWS: UC Irvine’s Dr. Jeffrey Suchard added perspective to an ABC News report about new finding from the Centers for Disease Control...

Elder abuse underreported

June 02, 2011
IN THE NEWS: A Los Angeles Times article about a California woman prosecuted for elder abuse notes that there are disputes about what elder abuse...

Multiple sclerosis mechanism uncovered

June 01, 2011
IN THE NEWS: USA Today cited findings about the mystery of multiple sclerosis from a study headed by UC Irvine neurologist Dr. Michael Demetriou...

Meditation and a healthy lifestyle

June 01, 2011
IN THE NEWS: The Orange County Register examined the role meditation plays in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Roger Walsh, a UC Irvine...

UC Irvine researchers find link between environment and genetics in triggering MS

May 31, 2011
Environmental and inherited risk factors associated with multiple sclerosis — previously poorly understood and not known to be connected...

Worried about possible cellphone-cancer link?

Dr. Daniela Bota
May 31, 2011
IN THE NEWS: A new report from the World Health Organization labeling cellphones a “possible carcinogen” is drawing mixed reactions...

Medical ethics and a parent’s right to choose care

May 26, 2011
IN THE NEWS: An ABC News report about state laws that exempt parents from seeking medical aid for children on religious grounds cited Dr. Ray...