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Managing uterine fibroids at any age

February 08, 2024
IN THE NEWS: Treating the non-cancerous growths depends on one’s reproductive goals, says a UCI Health expert.

Milestones babies reach at two months of age

February 08, 2024
IN THE NEWS: Infants interact more with the world around them at this stage.

How acupuncture works

February 08, 2024
IN THE NEWS: UCI researcher shares what he has learned through brain-imaging studies.

Why women should ask their ob-gyn about heart health

February 07, 2024
IN THE NEWS: Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 cause of death in women and a leading cause of pregnancy-related deaths.

Addressing ADHD and time blindness

February 07, 2024
IN THE NEWS: A UCI Health pediatrician says the condition is neither willfulness nor laziness.

Challenges to eradicating tuberculosis

February 07, 2024
IN THE NEWS: Diagnosis and treatment are improving, but finding carriers remains a barrier.

UCI Health reaches definitive agreement to acquire four Southern California hospitals from Tenet Healthcare Corporation

February 01, 2024
The academic health system's acquisition of Tenet’s Pacific Coast Network would expand unrestricted access to healthcare for Orange County...

64,000 pregnancies resulted from rape in states with abortion bans

January 29, 2024
IN THE NEWS: UCI Health obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Rachel Perry discusses new research.

Blood banks in urgent need of donors

January 29, 2024
IN THE NEWS: Whole blood and platelets are needed to save lives.

Getting more sleep ― virtually

January 25, 2024
IN THE NEWS: Some are turning to virtual reality for better slumber, but a UCI Health sleep expert sounds a note of caution.