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Organizational & Department Effectiveness

Team and department interventions

We offer customized programs to improve the structure, operations and relationship dynamics of your department. 

A member of our team partners with you to design tailored solutions for your team that range from comprehensive workgroup assessments to intervention strategies, including workgroup retreats, strategic planning, process design, role clarification and departmental training.

Team building

Our team usesa variety of tools and assessments aimed at enhancing social relations and clarifying team members' roles, as well as solving task and interpersonal problems that affect team functioning.

These activities provide the ability to identify and motivate individual employees to form or enhance a team that improves dynamics, works more efficiently together, builds relationships and increases productivity.

Succession planning and organizational readiness

We offer a process for identifying and developing internal employees with the potential to fill key business leadership positions within the organization. This process increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume key roles as they become available.

Strategic planning

The strategic planning process is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources,  strengthen operations and ensure that your department, employees and other stakeholders are focused on common goals.

We help you establish agreement around intended outcomes and assess and adjust to the organization's changing environment.

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